Normal Mole

Normal Mole

Abnormal Mole

Moles and Nevi

Moles are usually harmless growths that occur on the skin. Moles should be smaller than a pencil eraser, evenly colored, and have smooth even edges and symmetry. Normally, moles do not change in their appearance. A new mole that doesn't look like the other moles, or a changing mole should be evaluated by a dermatologist. A malignant mole is called a melanoma. Early detection and treatment is the key to surviving melanoma. If there is any doubt about the nature of a mole, a biopsy is usually performed. Click here for more information.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer must be accurately diagnosed and treated.  This may involve prescribed topical therapy or surgical therapy. A dermatology consultation in our office with a provider will help you understand the treatment options and determine the best course of action. > More info

Skin Surgery

Outpatient skin surgeries using the latest techniques and materials are part of our daily practice at Lee's Summit Dermatology Associates. > More info