Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

Squamous CellSquamous cell carcinoma arises from the epidermal layer of skin and primarily occurs on sun-damaged skin. It usually arises from a precancerous lesion, such as actinic keratoses, but it can arise within normal skin. There are various types of squamous cell carcinoma, and treatment is required in all cases. Squamous cell skin cancer has the potential to metastasize to lymph nodes and internal organs. Evaluation by a dermatologist is essential. For more information about the topic, please click here.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is used to completely remove recurrent skin cancers, larger skin cancers, and skin cancers that might behave more aggressively due to location. With this procedure, the skin cancer is removed in the office under local injected anesthesia. > More info

Scar Treatments

Scarring comes in many forms. Dermatology evaluation is essential since the treatment of each scar is very individualized for the type of scar and other factors. Most commonly, scarring from acne is treated with a combination of topical therapies with surgery and laser treatments. > More info

Skin Cancer Treatment

Some of the same techniques used to treat skin cancer may be applicable to certain abnormal moles and growths. A consultation in our office will determine the best course of action. > More info

Wart Treatment

At Lee's Summit Dermatology Associates we treat a lot of warts! Treating warts is very challenging and no therapy has been shown to be 100 percent successful. Our patients usually find a combination of therapies to be most effective. > More info